AMD CI Report



A project for my competitive intelligence and knowledge management class, I conducted an analysis of AMD's business practices and what was under threat by its competitors, namely Intel. We were to deduce what threats the company may be facing, where they achieve and do well, and how they may continue to do well in their field.

I was one of a few students to present this deliverable to my class.


I began this project building off of my prior (albeit limited) knowledge of the semiconductor industry as informed by my personal interest and professional experience in research and cataloging. I then developed a deliverable aimed at "presenting the new threats to an executive committee who may or may not know certain details."

This involved extensive research into financial information as well as recent news items from across the net utilizing business journals and stock market data.


While not a seemingly in-depth project, I learned a lot about business research - vastly different from academic research. I also was able to better utilize skills in statistical analysis to make informed opinions and recommendations about where a company might invest more time or resources. Additionally, I learned how to massively condense information into a deliverable of this type.